The property inventory clerk take a survey of the properties of their clients and prepare itemized reports on the state of these properties and the items that are inside them. Such work can be difficult because it requires level of diligence. Omission and error should be avoided. In the recent time, many software programs have been developed to enable inventory clerks to prepare their reports accurately and easily. Here are some pieces of useful information on these applications.

Types of software applications for inventory report
There are a good number of software applications that have been designed for the use of inventory clerks. These software applications will enable them to prepare a detailed report on the condition of the properties they survey. Some of the software applications that are available in the market today are:
•    Online-inventory: this software helps inventory clerks to dictate site notes. It also helps them to utilize digital camera in recording images.
•    SMART Inventory Software: this software is entered into a PDA. The inventory clerks download it to etech’s server before using it to create their inventory report.
•    Mobile inventory for iPhone and iPad: this is useful for clerks that have Apple iPhone and iPad. The software works on these mobile applications and can be used in recording property inventory data on the site.
Why inventory clerks should use inventory software
There are a number of benefits that can be gotten from the use of these inventory software applications.
Time saving
•    One of the tedious and time consuming aspects of the work of the inventory clerks is the preparation of their reports. The report should be detailed. These software applications make the work simple for the clerks. Some of these software applications come with a number of features that will help the users to prepare neat reports within the shortest time interval. This will help them to produce many reports in a day. Thus, it ensures productivity and also helps them to have some time for themselves.
Generates more income
•    As it has been said above, the use of inventory software application will help the inventory clerks to prepare their reports quickly. This means that they will be able to produce many inventory reports in a day. As normal in business, the faster they are, the more money they make.
Neater reports
•    Inventory software applications are well designed by professionals. Using them will help the clerks to prepare good reports that their clients will understand easily. It will help them to avoid any ambiguity in their report.

Error-free report
•    Errors and omissions sometimes are the major cause of disputes at the end of tenancy. Using the software will also ensure that their report is free from omissions and error.
Before you use any of the software applications for property inventory preparation, it is necessary that you first understand how the software works. Do not use any software if you do not know how to make use of it. Using any software that you cannot manage will complicate the work for you.